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THE 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE  OF AQUACULTURE INDONESIA (ICAI) 2017 telah dilaksanakan di The Alana Hotel, Solo. Pada tanggal 26 – 28 Oktober 2017. Seluruh Anggota RG ENFISHMO terlibat pada perhelatan acara tersebut. Adapun judul hasil penelitian yang dibawakan oleh para anggota ENFISHMO adalah:

No Presenter Judul Artikel
1 Dr. Ir. M. Fadjar, M.Sc Histopathology And Digestibility Enzyme Of White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Gut, Infected By White Feces Disease (WFS)
2 Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Andayani, MS Isolation And Identification Of Jellyfish Alkaloid (Bougainvillia sp) As Immunostimulant To Profile Of Ptrotein And Fagosite Activity Of Tiger Grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus)
3 Dr. Ir. Yuni Kilawati, MS Potentially Of Red And Brown Algae As A Source Of Antioxidants In Warding Off Free Radicals In The Waters
4 Dr. Yunita Maimunah, S.Pi, M.Sc N/ P Ratio On Fitoplankton Composition And Abundance Of Fishpond In Waru And Sedati, Sidoarjo
5 Dr. Ir. Azus Maisar SH., MP Profile Of Hemocite Oyster Crassostrea glomerata From North Coast Of East Java

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