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Environmental Fisheries Molecular or ENFISHMO is one of research group that conduct research focused on molecular biotechnology approach through study of biodiversity genetic using biotechnology methods such as isozime, PCR analize and active compound. This Research group was established by Dr. Ir. M. Fadjar, M.Sc., Dr. Yuni Kilawati, S.Pi., M.Si., Dr. Asus Maizar S. Hertika, S.Pi., MP, Dr. Yunita Maimunah. S.Pi., M.Sc and Attabik M. Amrillah, S.Pi., M.Si in 2015. view more


to improve fisheries production through sustainable aquaculture based on molecular


to produce bioactive compound and its application to aquaculture and environment.


Dr. Yuni Kilawati and Dr. Yunita Maimunah,  two researchers of ENFISHMO which are focused on Genomic and Proteomic, Aquatic Deseases  Environmental, have studied about the impact of water pollution to WSSV. Water pollutin caused by human antropogenik activity has given bad impact for aquaculture water quality. Therefore, they conduct research to determine how the characteristic of water quality, populatin and shrimp in polluted area, especially an area with high virulensi of WSSF. Shrimp sample is analyzed to determine morfologi characteristic and genetic using primer specific WSSF ICIP 11. And te result, we ind that water quality have a role to trigger WSSV

Beside disease, one factor that must be concerned in the fisheries is environmental factor.Researcher of ENFISHMO that study about Enviromental factor is Dr. Asus Maizar. he said that Invironment become important because it is the place for organism to life. Many waters have been contamined with heavy metal which is endanger aquatic organism. Metallothionein (MT) is one type of protein that is believed to be a biomarker of metal contamination in the waters  because MT has the ability to bind metals in the organism. so ENFISHMO have studied to determine the expression of semi quantitative MT (density and intensity) in the gills and stomach of the mussels and to define the relationships between the MT with the content of heavy metals such as Pb, Cd and Hg in the gills and the stomach.

Some researchs that have been conducted are shrimp virus detection research, natural compound of marine products, and squid ink for immunostimulant and anti-vibriosis in aquaculture. From that research ENFISHMO has produced some products such as,

  • Biomarker candidate for white spot syndrime virus in shrimp
  • Immunostimulant product from marine algae for aquatic organism
  • Biomarker for heavymetal in aquatic environment
  • Squid ink extract for anti-vibriosis & Quorumsensing in shrimp culture.
  • Probiotics tablet for aquaculture

One of  research, squid ink extract for anti-vibriosis & Quorumsensing in shrimp culture, has been patented in 2016 with Number No. P00201605797. Through several researchs which have been conduct, a dose of 8 ppm squid ink extract can inhibit bacterial autoinducer quorumsensing. This was indicated by increasing of total bacteria colonies but remain high in survival rate value.

ENFISHMO researchers still conduct research about fisheries and environmental molecular and develope its products. If you are interested, We give opportunity for you, other scientist, manucature, and other stakeholder to join with us, doing colaborate research and developing our product furthermore

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